worth upgrading e420 to e3???

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Re: worth upgrading e420 to e3???

brony etr wrote:

hi everyone, i just have a few quick questions about upgrading from a e420 to a e3 on behalf of a friend

besides size/build quality and weather sealing what other upgrades can he expect?

Better handling (better balance with bigger and heavier lenses)

Faster Shutter speeds (most people don't use that fast)

Faster AF with SWD lenses.

Better autofocus system (more af points)

Weather sealing only if you have HG or SHG lenses.

Better IS.

Faster continuous shooting, bigger buffer

Better built in flash. (higher flash sync speed (1/250 sec))

Top panel info LCD.

Vertical grip option.

Body Material is Magnesium alloy

More customization options.

is the image quality any better? (iso performance mainly), my understanding is that they both have the same sensor?

Yes, ISO performance is better (but not as good as E-5). IQ is better (IMO).

also is the prism any bigger?

YES, way bigger.

is it even worth upgrading?

Yes. absolutely!!

and any other info, tips, advise would be great, thanks for your help!

If you only have the kit lens(es), I would get better lenses before upgrading to E-X models. At least 1 or 2 HG.

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