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Re: Fovus Magic ver4 - a query ...

ericN2 wrote:

I've used Focus Magic in many versions of Photoshop/CS for a good many years .. but just decided to update my old one to the new latest ver4 .. and incidentally I can heartiy recommend this has always been an excellent Plug-in  but it just seems to get better..
BUT .. I have NEVER had this before in all the time I've used this..  but NOW..  when I use FM in an edit..I then find that after closing the edit session I find that I've got an icon on my desktop for "Focus Magic.log"  ..  a small text file of what it's done when used..  and the niggling thing is that even if I leave that desktop icon showing after a session.. the next time I use makes ANOTHER icon.. !! 
Now this gets to be a bit of a nuisance, as I certainly don't need an icon but can't seem to stop it happening.
Has anybody else used ver4 and got any answer as to how I can stop either the log or the making of an icon each time.  The HELP section in the program seems to make no mention of a log at all - so far as I can find anyway ....

I put this in Open talk but got no response at all so thought I'd try here

After reading your post, I downloaded V4 and tried it on Win7 with PhotoshopCS.

No problem. A search for Focus Magic.log came up with nothing at all.

Perhaps it is now fixed. Perhaps try downloading again.

Cheers, Tony.

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