RX200...too good to be true?

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Re: RX200...too good to be true?

Spade357 wrote:

theranman wrote:

Ok, I'll go on record as saying the chances are slim to none....unless the camera becomes twice the size. Oh, and why not lower the MP count to 12mp or so while we're dreaming?  

Sony introduced the smallest APS-C camera with the NEX-5, the smallest FF camera with the RX-1 and the smallest 1" sensor camera with the RX100. You don't think they can come up with the RX200 with these features? If one company can do it, it'll be Sony. Like I said, most rumors now a days are true. I guess we will find out pretty soon.

Agree, sounds like a good plan for Sony where they can leverage their technological muscles. I think more companies are going to add a small EVF (like Pana LF1, also very small) to their more expensive compacts.

I hope the RX200 lens is not just improved in spec; they need better quality optics (in the borders/corners), not better specs. Going to f/1.4 doesn't sound like a good decision to me, but w'll see ...

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