Europe with One Lens

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Europe with 35mm

I travel around Europe with one lens a lot of the time. I use an RX1 which offers the same focal length as the SEL 24/1.8 would on a NEX camera. 35mm (FF equivalent on the NEX) is a versatile focal length and depending on the framing can feel wider or more intimate as required.

After shooting extensively at only 35mm, I now have a pretty good idea what the lens will see without raising the camera to my eye. That's quite convenient when reacting to a developing scene.

Shooting only at 35mm is liberating in a way; you're free to compose your photos without worrying about changing lenses. Working around the restriction of a single focal length also forces you to seek creative framing solutions, sometimes leading to surprising results. I'd say go for it and enjoy.

Then, in the very few shots that you absolutely have to have a different focal length, just use your compact, backup camera. But if you're like me, you may not end up using it at all.

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