The Dark side - older iMac

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Re: The Dark side - older iMac

Erik Ohlson wrote:

Sounds like it's one the way out, there were a lot of the flat screen iMacs on eBay with busted screens.

You could try running a newer secondary display (I think these old ones can do it), and set it to 'Extended' desktop mode. Use the main display for your normal desktop stuff, and the secondary to display photos. It would be the cheapest option, and you could still use it if you upgraded later (get a DVI model though).

I run two displays off my Mac Mini quite comfortably, which is a 2.26GHz model (one 23" as a main display, and one 4:3 display for editing my Olympus photos.

Thanks, Andy,

Hmmm.... this fits in with my present attempt to run my iMac into my 42" screen TV using the DVI connector on the back of the monitor via an HDMI cable.

I take it that the 'extended' desktop would be similar.

The same principle, yes. Although using a 42" TV will not have as high a resolution, and will be a bit fuzzy.

You should be able to connect to a TV or a standard monitor using the same settings, i.e. 'mirrored' or 'extended'. You can also do a DVI-VGA conversion, although VGA doesn't work on the later Macs, as they removed the analogue signal at some point (when the Mini Display Port came out I think).

FWIW, DVI-HDMI could be a bit of a black art, I believe the adapters and cables may make that job a bit hit and miss as to how well it works. I used to get it working OK off an old iBook using a cheap adapter from China though.

There are many ways to do this, such as a DVI-HDMI adapter, then use a HDMI standard cable, or you can use a DVI-HDMI cable. But there's probably a plethora of adapters and cables around that will do the job in a variety of ways. The trick is to make sure you get the right signals sent along the right wires - not all of these adapters and cables have all the wires connected.

Sorry I'm not nearly as up-to-speed on the Mac as I should be - Thanks! very interesting and timely.


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