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Re: Europ is wide angle - and close up!

deednets wrote:

I see you are from LAX? 9314km or slightly more than 6.000 miles ... so I would assume that you won't be doing this every other week?

Enjoy Europe, where will you be going?? Quite often it seems that native English speakers spend a lot of time in London (5 weeks...) and SOME time in Paris (2 days, 6 hours and 5 minutes...) ... maybe you have heard those rumors before but there is more to Europe than London??




Lovely shots.

Yeah, I live in Los Angeles....the San Fernando Valley to be exact. Which is, for those not in the know, one of the ugliest places on the planet. It truly is an area that I find to be so dull (in addition to being terribly ugly) that it would take an extremely gifted street photographer to find anything worth snapping. Unless you are a huge fan of medicinal marijuana shops, carnicerias and Rite Aids.

So...yeah, this is a great opportunity. I love walking around in inspirational cities and taking photos.

I went to Europe twice last year....once to Paris in February on business. I had almost no time to explore and it was snowing (!). I still walked around at Midnight in the snow and took pics with my awesome little Sony point and shoot (which I am now convinced that I am going to bring along as a back-up). I had never actually seen snow falling from the sky (at least that I could remember). That doesn't really happen in Los Angeles. Ever.

Here are a couple of shots I took on that trip.

Edited (heavily) back in my hotel room on my iPad, so I expect any useful data is stripped out, but it gives a pretty good idea of how I see things through a lens.

Combination arty snaps and memory pics.

I fell in love with Paris. Really unexpected.

Kinda felt the same way the first time I went to NYC. Now that I think of it, I bought my first digital camera in NYC and spent the entire trip wandering around taking pictures. Also a Sony...(F505 if memory serves).

I was back again in Europe in September, this time to Florence. I had to fly out on about eight hours notice as my father passed away unexpectedly while on vacation with my mother. Wasn't really much of a sight-seeing trip and the camera that had taken the pics above had been lost along with my mom's bag by Alitalia. Not her best trip ever. So only a couple of shots with my iPhone from that trip. But I don't really need any memory pics -- my memories of that trip are pretty strong.

Before last year the last time I went to Europe was 1983. London. This trip is actually 30 years to the Summer that I went there. I LOVED London. My wife and I have been talking about going there for years. We're going to celebrate our 9th anniversary while we are there.

So we're going to spend a week in London, 2 nights in Bruges and 8 nights in Paris (see Paris wins, not London!). And of course a few day trips here and there (Bath, Stonehenge, Monet's garden, Versailles, etc.). We'll hit a bunch of museums in London, and a couple of the key ones in Paris. Honestly though I expect to spend as much time as I can just walking around the streets of all three cities taking as many pictures as my memory cards will hold.

I picked up the UNDFIND One Bag 10  for the trip, which I liked because it doesn't look that much like a camera bag and because it has enough room for my iPad. The weight of the iPad, Nex6 and two lenses combined with the bag seems a little heavier than I might want for a day of non-stop walking around. The bag is about two pounds empty.... I keep thinking about ditching it for a lightweight backpack...

So....wider, huh?

Do people find that there is a huge difference between 24 and 19? Would the Sigma be worth the extra weight?

What about the Sony 16? It is certainly small enough. But if I was going to bring that, I might as well just hang onto my kit lens and bring that.

The new Zeiss 12 is due out right before we leave, but I think another Zeiss lens might break my bank at the moment.


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