Has anyone here used a slide/negative scanner?

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Re: Has anyone here used a slide/negative scanner?

Sante Patate wrote:

JeffLeites wrote:

Also, please tell me what scanner was used. I'm considering buying such a scanner, but I'd like to check out the resulting image quality first.

Scanning is a seriously dark art, and the scanner hardware is the least important aspect.  Software is critical, but even with the same scanner and the same software different operator choices make a big difference to outputs.  So looking at what other people achieve with a particular scanner is not necessarily a good indicator of what you will see.  Colour scanning is a different game altogether to scanning B&W.

That said, there are dozens of scanner threads at http://www.flickr.com/groups/ishootfilm/ and all the pictures in the pool are scanned.  I use an Epson V600; IMO, for medium format negatives the results are excellent, for 35mm they are fine for web display.

I have an Epson 750. It gives good results from medium format and 5x4, but with 35mm mounted slides I get much better results from a camera with a bellows and macro lens. This is partly because the Epson has no focus mechanism to deal with different thicknesses of mount.

Partly it is because the built in HDR feature of the NEX camera brings out shadow detail from high contrast slides, especially any that are slightly underexposed.

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