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Moto1d wrote:

After reviewing the d600 image samples online vs the d7100  im struggling to see why you would choose a the FX over the DX in this comparison based purely on resolution only, putting lens options and noise aside. Am I the only one  thinking this this?   Im looking to upgrade from my D7000 for landscape, cityscape and wildlife photography and there are huge gains to be had from the samples i have seen from both these 24mp cams but  if a d7100 wasnt enough i wouldnt waste my time on the d600 and just get the d800  and be done with it.
Anyone else thinking the d600 is a waste of money? ( dont mean to offend any d600 owners)

When I first saw the D600 I was really keen to get one as a travel camera since it was almost the same size and weight as my D7000's but with the advantage of being able to use premium lenses. I was scared off by all the oil spot issues and bought a D800E instead - and I'm soooo glad I did.

If you are looking predominantly at landscape/cityscape I would pass on the D7100 since it doesn't really give you much more than the D7000. Even with the same Mp sensor resolution, an image from a FX body looks better than a DX image and a MFD image looks better than an FX one - and it's largely due to the better optics as much as it has to do with sensitivity, DR or noise.

As one of the other respondants said, there is more to image quality than simply sensor resolution. The same with car engines - "there's no replacement for displacement" (no offense to WRX owners).

All that said, I'll probably get a D7100 to replace one of my D7000's for travel use and I'll eventually get a D600 when they iron out the QC problems.

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