So, rumor has it...

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Re: So, rumor has it...

kevindar wrote:

Sigma has made some nice lenses recently, and as canon prices sky rocketted, sigma lenses have been more appealing.  they have had now 3 iterations of 120-300 2.8 OS.  If they could only come with a new 120-400 lens, which is as good as the current canon optically, and with better OS (which their 120-400 already has) and reliable autofocus and tracking, that would be awesome.

I'm thinking a 100-300 / 4 OS and hopefully someone (Tamron?) might make a 200-500 / 5.6 VC.

In the ultrawides, samyang has the 14 2.8, which is already optically fantastic...

Except for the distortion.  Does that correct well in post?

...and the new 24 TSE, which is hopefully good.

Will be interesting to see.

I think an affordable and excellent prime in 17-21mm range.

For sure.  The question is how to best balance size, weight, and cost.  A 17 / 4 prime that was sharp from wide open would be excellent for good light deep DOF photographers (and most people are into deeper DOFs with UWA).  A 17 / 2.8 would be a nice alternative to the larger and heavier UWA zooms and offer better IQ.  A 17 / 2, however, might be pushing it, but there was Sigma's 20 / 1.8, so I don't think it's unreasonable.

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