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Re: 2.9GHz dual i7 vs. 2.3GHz & 2.7GHz quad i7 with Aperture

Majikthize wrote:

Pic Man wrote:

Here are the prices of the options I've narrowed it down to. All including the ssd and ram upgrade.

1. 13" i5 2.5 ghz - 50,900NT (£1108)

2. 13" i7 2.9 ghz - 60,900NT (£1326)

3. 15" i7 2.3 ghz - 70,900NT (£1544)

Number 1 is obviously most affordable and it comes at a price that is almost exactly what my tax rebate is. From what I've read the i5 is still a pretty quick processor even though it's only a dual core. I'm kind of leaning towards this one mainly because of price.

Number 2 has a faster dual core processor but because I'm not going to be using the extra storage space and RAM that this package offers an extra £218 seems a bit excessive for a little extra clock speed.

Number 3 has a quad core processor which I've read is a big improvement plus a 512gb dedicated graphics card and a 15" screen. On the downside it's 40 - 50% more expensive than number 1.

For 50-100 photos a week, any of these will be plenty fast enough. I run about 500-1000 photos per job through my 13" i7 2.9GHz, and it's all I could ask for. I don't know about LR performance, but I can say that the lack of a dedicated graphics card is a complete non-issue in terms of Aperture performance. Like I said, we can talk about theoretical advantages of dedicated graphics and quad cores, etc., ad nauseum. But, in my professional experience running a high-volume business with Aperture, #2 is entirely satisfactory and a great deal.

I should note that the difference between #1 and #2 is more than "a little extra clock speed." The i7 processor has "hyperthreading", which creates four virtual cores. It is substantially faster than an i5 processor. That said, I did not test an i5 MBP, so I don't know how big the difference is.

Apparently the i5 does support hyperthreading. Look here. The i5 is 3210m and I think the i7 is 3520m. The i7 according to benchmark is 14% faster but I'm wondering how much difference i'll see in real use.

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