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joger wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

...that Sigma's working on releasing a 135 / 1.8 OS and a 24 / 1.4, both "art" lenses, by the end of this year or the beginning of next year.  Like I said, just a rumor, but if I were Sigma, that's what I'd do.

That leaves 50mm open for Canon.  I'd be pleased to see a 50 / 2 IS ala the 35 / 2 IS and/or a 50 / 1.2L II.

But what we're missing is a fast 17mm prime.  I think that's gotta come from Sigma, since Canon has the 14 / 2.8L II and 17 TSE.  Then again, maybe Sigma might think to redo their 20 / 1.8, although that's a bit too close to 24mm, I would think.

Let's not forget zooms, though.  I think the 24-200mm range is pretty well covered at the moment.  So, I'm wondering if someone isn't working on a killer UWA zoom.

How say you all?

For what do you need a fast AF 17 mm prime?

Well, "need" is a strong word.  Let's say "want", instead.  Anyway, the reason I'd want such a lens is that I like the look of shallow DOF UWA.  However, as you would imagine, this requires a close focusing distance.  On the other hand, wide apertures on wide focal lengths can give quite deep DOF for many scenes, which is also a plus for light limited enviroments where there is motion that I'd like frozen.

i mean - what is the benefit of a moderate shallow depth of field on a super wide angle lens except the fact that you can win a bit more room for maneuver in the exposure time (which is not an issue any more since ISO 3200 is good enough for most situations)

Well, sure, there's always the "good enough" argument.  However, if we pursue that argument, I should be shooting crop instead of FF, no?

The TS-E 17 is as good as it gets optically and I have not seen to date a better wide angle lens in real world results (even shifted it is still fabulous)

I concur.  Rather expensive, though, and no AF.  And, yeah, I would need AF at 17mm much of the time.

In any case, I'd love a 17 / 2 that was sharp in the center from the get-go, sharp from corner-to-corner by f/4, and as sharp as sharp gets everywhere in the frame by f/5.6.

On the 135 f/1.8 I share your hopes and that would be a nice and welcome addition to the market.

Indeed.  The OS would surely be nice to have at that focal length, too.

On the price side I can only add that you always get what you pay for. I get two service dates for free at CPS every year and each time three lenses and one body (including sensor cleaning) gets checked and if necessary calibrated for free (in Germany). All major events have CPS on site with emergency help and rental stuff.

The newly introduced higher priced Canon lenses have a very low piece to piece variation and you can buy them wherever you want and be sure you get a good one (at least to my experience) - bought my 70-200 in HongKong for 2/3rds of the german price and it is a top notch version.

The used price for good condition mint Canon lenses are just amazing (look at the used 300 IS prices on ebay)

The reliability is on a very high level and those new tele lenses seem to built like a tank (whatever that means for a lens)

So you really get what you pay for IMHO

Well, I've been very happy with all my lenses, Canon and Sigma, and the Sigma 35 / 1.4 is a bargain compared to the Canon 35 / 1.4L.

For me only a faster 135 is missing and a better 50 f/1.2 or even better a f/1.0 - maybe a nice 100-300 f/4.0 on the level of the 70-200 f/4.0 l IS USM would be really nice - that would be a killer lens.

A 100-300 / 4 OS should definitely be coming from Sigma, and someone (Tamron?) needs to make a 200-500 / 5.6 VC.

My (shifted and stitched) TS-E 17 is serving me very well for wide angle shots down to a virtual FOV of 11 mm on FF.


Maybe the rumored EF 28-35 f/1.6-2.1 could be very interesting replacing two primes with an interesting aperture and range and the rumored TS-E 1X0 macro could be extremely nice - I would buy both for 2.5 k EUR each - I would buy an excellent 100-300 f/4.0 l IS USM for 3 k EUR as well. These would be the last (IMHO important) gaps in the Canon lens portfolio.

I'd wager heavily against such a lens ever coming out, but I think a 14-28 / 2.8 and/or a 17-40 / 4L II has got to be in the works.

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