HS50 focus woes

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Re: HS50 focus woes

DickyAus wrote:

That has worked well - a very good example thank you. I will give it a go and see what I can do.  It is clear the HS50 is not as 'point and shoot' friendly as my old HS20. I carry my camera everywhere and sometimes see something and need to just grab it and click away; the HS20 set to EXR always returned acceptable results - the HS50 often disappoints. When my copy of "Digital Photography Field Guide" arrives I will get a lot more serious about my retirement hobby. I think I have the only HS50 in Australia so I can't find anyone nearby to compare results with.


I am not aware of ANY reason why the HS50 would not be "as point ans shoot friendly" as an HS20.  Unless, perhaps, if a deeper menu setting was set wrong for his purposes.  If anything, the EXR mode would be MORE point and shoot friendly on the HS50 because of its quicker focusing and better low light focus capabilities.

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