This is a very special lens.

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Re: Duncan

Sorry Leo, I really didn't mean to stir things up -- just thought it might be fun to play with a whole bunch of macro lenses side by side.

I don't doubt for one minute that the DFA 100mm WR macro is a great lens, I once had the A 50mm macro and it was outstanding. But I also found myself preferring the extra working distance of the longer lenses and didn't use it as often as the 90mm and 105mm, so I sold it on.

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Leo James Mitchell wrote:

Duncan Suss, you are a devil for bringing up those two lenses. You know I am obsessed with them and especially with the Lester Dine. Bad Duncan!! LOL!

It would be quite a contest, but I think the Pentax 100mm WR would give a good account of itself. Those older glass lenses seem to have some kind of magic in them, so the new whipper snapper Pentax lens would have its hands full so to speak.



duncsuss wrote:

Tempting ... very tempting ...

Perhaps one day we can try it out side-by-side with a couple of my (not weather sealed at all) macro lenses ... I can bring the Tokina 90mm/2.5 and the Lester Dine 105mm/2.8 -- and a Vivitar macro-focusing teleconverter attached to a SuperTak 50mm/1.4 (which is a surprisingly good combination)

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