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Moto1d wrote:

Something i was a little confused over was this. If an FX sensors pixel is large than a DX pixel then this should mean that printing each 1for 1 the FX would appear to be lower resolution or lower quality correct?  I'm not sure how it could be any other way. Yes the sensor fits a larger or wider image in the frame but the pixel size is still larger.

It's just the opposite. A larger pixel gathers more light, some say more color information also. If a printer prints 240 pixels per inch (ppi) which pixel would contain more information? Think of D600 pixels as being big fat pixels. Think of D7100 pixels as being thinner and smaller - and not able to hold as much total information.

Real world: At base !SO of 100 it is very difficult to see the difference - but it is there. At a higher ISO, such as 1600, it is VERY obvious. Look at the dpreview comparisons and choose your camera and ISO carefully.

If you can't see the difference, or it doesn't matter, get the D7100.

If it matters, get the D600.

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