D600 vs d7100

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Re: Try again

noirdesir wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

After all that had been discussed you still insist on comparing much slower DX lens against much faster FX lens. that is just non-sensical

I am comparing the cheapest way to cover a set of focal lengths on DX vs. FX. That is my original statement in my original posts which you called a myth.

First of all, the cheapest way to cover a set of focal lengths has been shown to you by chlamchowder, FX is cheaper, by a significant margin.

Secondly, and more importantly, there is no sensible reason why anyone would cover a whole FL range with the cheapest lenses. such discussion has zero practical value and hardly any academic value.

Lastly, and amusingly, you place such a peculiar boundary conditions ("cheapest") and then you turn around and say :

"For some reason you have drawn some  that result in you coming up with a result that runs counter the consensus"

Thats just funny, isn't it?

You can declare that question irrelevant (because few people would aspire to do that) but you didn't, you called it a myth.

It is a myth, despelled by chlamchowder.

I think you do not correctly differentiate between the words 'non-sensical' and 'irrelevant'.

your initial claim is irrelevant, but after such a length discussion you still insist to compare unequal performing lenses, it becomes non-sensical.

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