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michaeladawson wrote:

Moto1d wrote:

Something i was a little confused over was this. If an FX sensors pixel is large than a DX pixel then this should mean that printing each 1for 1 the FX would appear to be lower resoution or lower quality correct?  Im not sure how it could be any other way. Yes the sensor fits a larger or wider image in the frame but the pixel size is still larger.

Really?  So based on this logic a cell phone camera is even sharper than a DX camera?  It doesn't work that way.

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Mike Dawson


you can argue it isn't worth it TO YOU, but exactly, when you look at it at the extreme like cell phone vs full frame it is obviously not true that they are the same and that the full frame is going to give you an equal or  better final print in all cases. Dx falls in between the two sensors and therefore fx is also equal or better. There are plenty of other good arguments either way, size, reach low light, etc, but this will be true.

furthermore you are looking at it the wrong way.

either you frame the shot the same in which case 24mp covers the same image so you get the same pixel density print and the performance advantage is evident.

or the dx you are cutting out the outer edge of the frame and concentrating all those pixels in the middle. that is why people like dx for wildlife and birds. While you don't get the true benefit of all those extra pixels youd think, you do get some resolution increase this way with good lenses.

basically the way I'd think about it is you use a 35mm on dx 50mm on fx and take the same framed picture the fx gives you in a 24 mp vs 24mp camera an equal or better picture generally.

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