This is a very special lens.

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Re: This is a very special lens.

Hi Leo,

Agreed, I like mine.  I also still have the FA version, which I like too, but it weighs 600gms and is a lot bigger.   The 100 WR lens stays in the bag because of its smaller size and weight and now I simply use it more often.  QS is nice too.  I used to like the 135mm FL on film, and the 100 WR has become my APSC substitute - a general purpose short tele, long portrait and long macro lens combined. It's a sharp all rounder and the bokeh is very smooth.

Someone said they thought the optics are the same as the FA 100mm.  I'm not sure about that.  The optical arrangement is the same.  They both perform similarly in terms of extension, magnification, and object distance.  However, the FA's elements are a little bigger in diameter.  I can't see any difference in IQ between them, but I haven't really tested mine side by side in any critical way.

A number of people have mentioned their lenses hunting.  I'm happy to say that I haven't experienced this as much as others.  I'm generally happy with the 100WR in an AF sense and I usually find it to lock well.  I think a lot of this is about expectations.  I do experience hunting and indecisive AF occasionally, but exactly when one would should predict it.  Ie 1) when you move composition to a different view with nothing even near to being in focus; 2) with complex subjects at macro distances; and 3) in low light.  Then it will hunt and of course, a long helix means a long hunt......  For 1) the solution is to reset the focus manually to approximately the right point if you're changing to a very different focusing distance.  QS makes that easy.  And then it's fast enough for me.  For very close focusing,  I often switch to manual focus - which seems to be most people's practice.

Great lens.  Enjoy it.

Cheers, Rod

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