A57 owner...when Sony goes NON-SLT will they still use A-Mount?

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Re: Balancing the attempt to balance the balance.

sensibill wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

sensibill wrote:

You ascribe too much negative connotation to the term 'exploit' in this context. It's not a dirty word.

You wanted it to be.

I'll be the one to tell you what my meaning was, thanks.

After having demonstrated back-peddling for negative connotation (see below).

As I said, normally a business won't advertise itself as being there to exploit its customers. There is a reason for that. Or, do you approach business to be exploited at every opportunity/need?

I never said 'Sony is exploiting its customers'. They're exploiting the advantage of using the mount they bought from Minolta. It make sense; they bought an existing system that had some good solid lenses. The have not supported the non-Sony lenses in since Min AF's adoption and rebadging, however.

In your words: "Support means you support something, not exploit it."

Apparently, Sony isn't supporting its product, rather exploiting it? When exactly would it not be exploiting? Was Minolta exploiting or supporting these lenses from 1980s and 1990s when Sony took over?

Sony does not 'support' Minolta AF glass, at least not directly. Proper support would entail body correction, which it does not.

Not necessarily. Many bodies themselves don't have lens corrections, for old and new lenses alike (and those that do, don't have all "new" lenses covered either). But, it doesn't matter. I couldn't care less about those anyway. I do care about newer developments still supporting older options.

LOL. Which is it? Either it doesn't matter or it does.

Aside from dumping Alpha mount, I don't see how Sony can move away from Minolta AF compatibility without crapping on their Alpha customers, which seems quite unlikely.

Or, in your world, LA-EA2 would be an example of "exploiting" customers with screw-drive lenses but LA-EA1 and LA-EA3 would not be "exploiting" customers.

Where on Sony's support site do they mention anything about Minolta lenses in conjunction with the NEX LA-EA adapters? I see nothing.

Does it matter if they spell it out for you? I don't need that. I'm GLAD to see LA-EA2 allowing me to use my 1989 built Minolta 200G.

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