Best workhorse lens for Canon 60D for ~500?

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Re: Best workhorse lens for Canon 60D for ~500?

Both Sigma & Tamron have a 17-50 2.8, both in the $500 range which is within her target price.

The point of my post was not to point out which lenses I have, rather it was to say that most of my pics fall into the 17-55mm FL. If she has a 5 year old, I would bet that most of her shots would end up being in that range.  I have never tried a superzoom, so I can't make a comment either way, but from what I have read about them, there are some potential image compromizes that have to be made on a lens such as this.

For the Op, this might not be a big deal, but with a 60D, it has the potential to take good pics, so my .02 is to spend what money she has now on a better IQ lens that might not cover as much distance, and then sometime down the road as skills and money improves, getting something with longer reach if that's the direction her photography takes her.

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