paper feed problem on epson 3880

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Re: paper feed problem on epson 3880

canon person wrote:

djg wrote:

I purchased a roll of Red River Polar White 60lb paper and I'm cutting sheets that are 17" x 25".

I'm using the manual rear paper feed on the printer, and have the paper thickness set to 10mil and the platen gap set to auto. The paper size is set correctly to 'custom' 17" x 25"

For some reason the paper doesn't feed most of the time. I've tried re cutting the paper to make sure the edge is straight and square, but it seems to make no difference. Has anybody had this experience and found the cause?

I have ALWAYS had problems with the rear tray feed!!!  I gave up on using matte paper which requires use of the rear tray.  It stinks but what can I do???

Canon Person

It is not just for matte papers. I feed most of mine through the top feeder. The rear feed which provides a somewhat straighter pathway is meant for your heavier papers, glossy luster or matte.

I do not have any problem feeding papers through either pathway, on my 3800s R2000 R1900 R2880 R2400.

Apparently it's all about the evenness of your cut paper's leading edge, curliness.


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