Help to improve this image with PSE/LR

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Re: Help to improve this image with PSE/LR

Selective Color is an adjustment layer in Photoshop.  I used it to replace the white in the sky with blue.   I also used it to increase the reds, yellows, and greens.

I used a Soft light layer for dodging and painted green on the grass and evergreen trees as well as warm tones on the hardwood trees.  I used a color burn layer to add darker colors.

For Soft light dodging and burning, hold down Alt and click on the make new layer icon.  When the layer dialog box comes up, choose Soft light in the mode drop down menu.  Then click on the box for filling with gray.  You can now dodge with white or light colors and burn with black or dark colors.  You will need to use a low flow brush.  For more dramatic effects, you can choose Color Dodge or Color Burn in the mode drop down menu and then click the box that fills with black or white.  I tried to keep it subtle.


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