Sony RX100 Custom Grip Designed by Richard Franiec Review.

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Gary Dean Mercer Clark
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Re: Alternative

Walt Bilofsky wrote:

I've had Franiec grips on the Canon S100 and predecessor cameras.  They made all the difference between one hand usable and unusable.  Richard has made a huge contribution to the world of digital photography with his grips.

That said, I couldn't hold the RX100 comfortably with the Franiec grip because of the large control ring.  (Has the grip been redesigned since it was introduced?)

There are any number of leather and leather-like wraps on eBay for the RX100.  See this thread , for example.  The one I have provides a perfect grip for me.

I only use the bottom half of the wrap.  The retro look goes great with this camera, IMO.

The nice thing about cameras is that we can modify them to suit our needs. That wrap thing is absolutely the last thing I would put on my RX100.  I never liked leather or leather-like grips on cameras when I started shooting in 1979 and still don't and never will. Can't imagine what the glue will due to the surface of the camera--will it be a mess to take off and replace?  I remember having to have a camera shop replace a wrap on my Minoltas 35mm camera.  It was not easy.

I'll stick with the Franiec grip.  

Gary Dean Mercer Clark

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