Amanda Knox - the most sickening thing I've seen...

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Re: You can ask her yourself...

I'm sure she isn't, she's been rehearsing for years now but here's the thing. My theory is that she is a sociopath, that effectively means that you can tell she's lying because her lips are moving. Personally I would have my doubts if she told me that the sun would rise tomorrow. Her previous testimony and bizarre behaviour substantiates my theory.

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For the person who is good with a hammer, everything in life tends to look like a nail.....

This seems to be your whole claim: She is a sociopath. The other "evidence" falls apart. Inconsistent statements under a very stressful interrogation are not evidence unless backed up by clear forensics. The blood evidence was not in spite of your consistent claims, clear. The guy who is in prison is the only one who could really clear this up. I have seen up close real sociopaths. This girl is not a sociopath.I suggest you read this article:

This goes into real detail and does clear up the tabloid accusations that at first glance could lead people to conclude guilt. I at first thought so without having the facts. You are unwilling to go into it so you become a patsey for inept prosecutors.

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