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Re: Europe with One Lens

I am actually leaving to europe in the next week and I am currently trying to balance between the fact that the NEX has different lenses/having a LA-EA2/and compactness and its been very hard.

I am going to London/Paris/Amsterdam/Barcelona/Ibiza. I currently have the 5N, E 50f1.8 (considering taking), E18-50 (which i wont be taking),LA-EA2.

I will be taking this equipment probably





the way i see it is, that would give me the full range. I am thinking about getting the SAL1650 to go for general usage, The E16+fisheye for inside buildings museums, and using just the E16 when going drinking for the portability. I feel like the SAl1650 is  the best A mount lens under 1k that has a wide range and a large aperture, while the E16 gives the fastest performance with the smallest foot print (important with the ability to put in my jacket)

what do you think of that set up? that would be about ~200$ usd more but would allow you, super fast auto focus,a pretty good a mount lens, the ability to use a mount lenses [that cz 24-70 is damn impressive], super compact e mount lens, ability to do fisheye vs one great lens

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