K-01 and K5-II Contrast AF problems

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Re: K-01 and K5-II Contrast AF problems

I don't have your model tamron's but I do have the tamron 70-300 ld di.  This is a lens I've had for a while and it's cd-af on my k30 was bad, severe front focus at telephoto end, on my k-r it was fine using cd-af until I installed the most recent version of software, then it had the same severe front focus. Unfortunately the aperture seized closed a few weeks back, so I ordered a new replacement. This one is spot on with cd-af with both k-30 and k-r.... So I've assumed it could be a firmware issue with the tamron..[perhaps]  On that basis I'd say it's definitely worth contacting tamron re your lenses.  If you do it would be good to hear their response.

BTW both my DA50-200 and FA 300 4.5 worked perfectly on both in cd-af.

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