Is the Fuji case LC-X100S weatherproof / sandproof ?

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Re: Is the Fuji case LC-X100S weatherproof / sandproof ?

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I'd like to buy the original Fuji case for X100s. But I was wondering if it is more-or-less sandproof? I'd like to be taking the camera when going to the seaside with my children, and I wouldn't like sand to get inside... of course, I won't be burying X100s underground But there's always a risk of an accidental splash or the wind blowing some sand onto it.


Maybe you should refrain from using this precious device outside? Just stay indoors and on forums;-)

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Or perhaps ask a question, get an honest answer and buy something more appropriate based on helpful posts.

There is actually a hint of truth to the previous response.  If you don;t subject your equipment to the elements you are not going to get 1/2 of the good pictures you would get otherwise.  X100(s) is actually sealed relatively well, so just make sure to blow out the stray bits of sand when you come home, and don't forget to wipe it to clean off the microdrops of salt spray that landed on the camera, and you WILL BE FINE.  If you go to the sea often, I'd recommend fitting a protective filter on the lens.  You will be fine.  Zippered cases are overprotective and they just ensure that you'd never get the picture you want, especially when you have children around.  They don't wait.

The OP asked a straight forward fact based question. I answered it factually, and correctly. Everything you say has meaning, I prefer just to answer the question asked.

If it's opinion you want then I have three children and each time we went or go to the beach I keep my camera in a zippered case. We don't just take photos km we sit, play, eat, run, jump in the sea - a zippered case comes in really useful in those conditions,  When I wanted to take a shot I took it out and took the shot. Yes, I probably missed lots of impromptu shots, but what the heck, we enjoy ourselves.

When I'm not at the beach I use my Fuji leather case.

Ok, I don't understand why you are so bent out if shape over PC issues. It's ok for people to express opinions, it's a forum, not an FAQ...
I don't like to baby my equipment, I am not reckless or stupid with it but is value the picture more than I value the camera. Carrying insurance sometimes helps with this attitude:-). The cost of a good x-series system almost justifies that.

Ifi could understand what you said I could construct a meaningful reply :-). I just don't understand where you are coming from PC? Issues? I gave my opinion, never said there was anything wrong in giving yours. I just answered the OP's question. Going to bed now, signing off - have a good one.

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