Couldn't wait any longer, re-bought the E-3

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Couldn't wait any longer, re-bought the E-3

I have been without a DSLR for about a year now, after selling my Sonya a850, and my Nikon D90 and moving entirely to m43rds. I last had my E-3 about 4 years ago (as far as I can remember), and yet I still look at pictures (especially portraits) I have taken with it and love the look of the files, either as OOC Jpegs or processed raw files.

I have also noticed a few "late" reviews here so I thought, why not, the E-3 doesnt get talked about much so why not a reminder to a great camera!!

Got it off a local online classifieds for about $350 with a spare battery, it is still in good condition, and I popped out this afternoon with it and my 50-200 attached...

So, how does it feel having a PDAF system again, I was a bit worried I would be suffering some front/back focus but thankfully non as the E-3 doesnt have the AF adjust. It if great using a pinpoint AF which is nice and snappy. Dont get me wrong, the CDAF in my OMD is great, but I have lots of pictures of my son where it focuses on an item behind him as he doesnt fill the AF box.

As I remember, the E-3 is a good performer, locking on quickly with the SWD lenses.

The Viewfinder, this is a contentious issue among the m43rds/43rds crowd, but having completely adjusted to the EVF, moving back to the OVF was a revelation again. Following objects in the OVF is cleaner and an all round better experience then even the OMD EVF. Now having said that, in low light, having the live view boot on the OMD can be a blessing as well. But all in all, the OVF is just crisp.

Build, great, the sturdiness of Olympus cameras is a bonus, I love the feel of the E-3, buttons all fall in the right place (at least for me) and I was never bothered with the "squishy" issue (either on my OMD or the E-3) as I normally press through the button.

Screen, fine, nothing really wrong with it. Playback is a bit irritating as I had forgotten it uses very small Jpegs to play back which is kind of hard to get any real info from.

After an hour walking at the local park most of the controls were coming back to me, holding the E-3 and 50-200 wasnt an issue... didnt really get any gems, it wasnt the best time, I just snatched the opportunity to go while my son and wife were having a nap.

However, back on the computer, and I saw the colours I enjoyed so much... I obviously couldn't zoom as far into the image as I have been able to with the a850 and OMD, but who cares, part of this exercise is to have a body for my HG lenses (12-60, 50-200, 50mm Macro, 35mm Macro, 25mm f1.4) to use over the summer while I wait for the E-7.

It is a pleasure to use the DSLR format again, so here are a few pics from my first hour back with the E-3, remember, nothing special:

Look at this OOC Jpegs, the colour is really very nice. I know people like the Kodak sensor, and I had it in the E-300 but I have always liked the E-3 output.

Even with this OOC jpeg, this is exactly how the sky and tree looked to me, detail really wasn't that bad either.

There weren't too many animals around as it was hot and mid-day, but this duck stopped for a moment for me.

Just a robin, before I got home

This is an old shot from my original E-3, I have always liked it, and continue to return to it and reprocess. This is my most recent attempt... As far as I remember it was with the kit zoom as well.

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Olympus E-3
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Announced: Oct 16, 2007
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