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Re: External drive - Stupid Question.

CameraCarl wrote:

Several years ago I bought a USB powered LaCie hard drive. It failed under warranty and I sent it back. The remanufactured replacement started making grinding noises within a few months so I sent it back. The second refurb seems to be working ... for now.  You might consider OWC external hard drives.  I've seen lots of good reports on here about them; do a search and you'll find many, many more discussions about external drives.

I've had an OWC drive for over a year, now, no problems whatsoever.........except I'm not really sure how to best use it.

I am, as you can tell form that, not particularly "computer literate", I've just been using my iMac and slowly coming to terms with it, but I have no idea if I'm doing things "right".

A couple of weeks ago, my sister's newer iMac just quit and the Mac store says they can't access her photos and such from the dead harddrive, and I'd like to protect myself from that and have been dragging photo files to the backup but don't know where they all are.


Could I just drag my hard drive Icon to the backup disk?

Thanks - and yes, you may berate me for my stupidity, I deserve it!


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