One Weekend with the X100S (with pics) - A Nikon User's Perspective

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One Weekend with the X100S (with pics) - A Nikon User's Perspective

I just spend the first weekend with the x100s. Well, mixed emotions actually. Especially the back buttons are embarassingly fiddly, but produces amazing OOC images.

  • Classic, cool design
  • High built quality (except the back buttons)
  • Amazine out-of-camera images both JPEG and RAW
  • Very compact


  • Almost too small, especially the lens is small to have both focus and aperture rings
  • Back buttons extremely fiddly, overly sensitive and cheap feeling

It is very practical, but the images - oh my god, the images. Sure, not as sharp as my D800 with Sigma 35mm f1.4 but no camera in the world is. But the colors, stunning!
Focusing is allright, but you're not going to shoot sports with it. I haven't missed any feature yet, except for maybe HDR which I never use anyway.
I love having the optical viewfinder, it's excellent. The clever hybrid information overlay inside the optical viewfinder is fantastic. The electronic viewfinder has its purposes, but its just not for me, feels wrong, contrast is so-so, sometimes too bright, sometimes too dark and ... I guess just don't like electronic viewfinders. Focus peaking is one reason to use it - great feature.
I did find myself bumping up against the shutter speed limitation with large apertures (f2 = 1/1000) and yea, the ISO does seem almost a stop overstated. On the good side, ISO 800 (say 640ish in Nikon-land) is great and uses their automatic dynamic range thing which works well. I haven't had the need to go higher yet, really, but I'll report back when I have.
So, some further commentary with images attached below. Only one is heavily edited. Most are almost directly out of camera with just minor exposure and color tweaks. Images are usable right out-of-camera.
The built-in ND filter is a treat:

It doesn't matter JPEG or RAW, the colors are amazing. Much better out-of-the-box than Nikon colors. Yes, really!

Fuji's RAW format (RAF) can be pushed almost as hard as Nikon RAW, but doesn't need as much tweaking to make it look good.

Did I say the colors are awesome?:

It's tiny but not cheap feeling. The size is stable even on a tiny little travel tripod. The optional hood is great, but expensive and allows it to use 49mm filter. Here with CIR-PL:

The film simulation modes are excellent. All shots here were in JPEG.  I shot RAW+JPEG, but didn't need RAF:

As I said, yeah, the ISO seems overstated. This photo has plenty of blur in it even though experience with my Nikons in this light would have me a faster shutter speed. Shot in aperture priority:

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