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same behavior w/all of them (they're a POS)

Jim Cockfield wrote:

In addition to the issues I've seen with all of them I've bought so far, I just worked with someone over the past few days that has a problem with a WD drive.

It's got sector read errors using both Windows and ddrescue from Linux to try and copy it, even though the SMART data shows no sectors pending reallocation or sectors that have been reallocated. At least the SMART data shows a high raw read error count though.

Even after zero filling the drive (using dd with linux, and booting in a disk with the WD Data Lifeguard utilities on it and zero filling and running diagnostics), it still says it's health is good and it didn't bother to reallocate any of those problem sectors after zero fills, and it won't even complete a short self test without read failures.

IOW, their firmware is really screwed up from my perspective.

I've seen the same behavior with all of them I've had the [dis] pleasure of working with so far.

Their firmware doesn't bother to remap obviously bad sectors to spares ("hard" sector read errors from Windows and Linux, even using utilities to perform sector by sector copies, and even *after* zero filling the drives, even if you use the WD Lifeguard utilities for that purpose).

The one's I've had problems with so far won't even pass self tests without read failures, yet the drive firmware didn't remap any of the bad sectors to spares, even after zero fills.

If you haven't done so already, I'd strongly suggest looking at their SMART data and doing some self tests.

But, don't trust the drive "health", and don't trust the drive just because the firmware isn't remapping bad sectors to spares (and not just bad at a file system level -- bad at a sector level, too).

Again, any WD Green drive is a POS from my perspective (and again, I don't mean "Point of Sale").

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