Are m4/3 cameras too expensive when you…

Started Apr 30, 2013 | Discussions thread
OP Grobb Senior Member • Posts: 1,229

Personally, I would rather have a total zoom range from 12-150mm with two lenses than have to deal with three lenses, having no zoom and only 19, 30 and 60mm. To me, there would be much more flexibility, less lens changing, less chances of getting dust/dirt on the sensor and missing shots while changing lenses. It’s all about personal choice. It’s just a shame new lenses are not made in 12-50/2.8 and 50-150/2.8 that take reasonably sharp images from corner to corner at a reasonably cost effective price. That is the ONLY reason why I am not getting into the m4/3 format, at least for now. Too many lens choices and way too many compromises within those choices.

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