Samsung Nx20 VS Sony Nex-5R

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Re: Samsung Nx20 VS Sony Nex-5R

Knallberto wrote:

Timmbits wrote:

Samsung NX20 versus Sony Nex-7 would be a far more level playing field comparison, and even then, the Sony would be disadvantaged by it's lenses.

Did you ever use a NEX7 ... I think: NO .. otherwise you would forget NX20

I have watched numerous reviews on youtube, and I have researched both products on here, and on where they have more test shots for the nx20 than on this site.  I understand that the nex7 has 4 more megapixels.  if you find it ok that the 5r with it's 16mp be compared with a 20mp camera, surely you also find it ok to compare a 24mp camera with a 20mp camera.

Also, I never said that the nex7 is a bad camera.  I never said it was inferior in any way. Neither the nex6 or nex7 have the same resolution as the NX20 - one has 4 more, one has 4 less. and both have viewfinders.  for this reason, it is totally pertinent to compare those three together.

And btw, I have seen the PRICE of the NEX7, and this has made me forget the nex7, not the nx20.

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