Paypal, the Devil in disguise, anyway to get my money ?

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In PayPal's defense...

I too suffered the PayPal waiting game awhile back... so don't think I'm taking their side.  But I'd like to point out that they always lose battles with credit card companies when returns are disputed.  Most every CC has a return policy with very lenient procedures necessary to get money back.  Just return the item to seller, regardless if they advertise no returns or not.  The CC will always support the buyer and reverse the charge.  If the sale went through PayPal, then they are left holding the bag if the seller cannot refund the charges to them.  They are simply trying to protect themselves.  I can't blame them for that.  I do the same.

Rest assured, after the return policy has ended, and you've satisfied PayPals request for information, that you will eventually get your money.  Future sales of this sort will not have such hassles, because you've previously jumped through their hoops.  But you gotta step through the fire the first time, and be patient.

I have an individual CC processor for my web store merchant account.  Nothing to do with PayPal. It was the Intuit service offered by Quicken and USBank.  My first busy season, sales spiked way beyond the norm.  Intuit also withheld funds until I supplied them with past bank statements verifying that I was indeed in the midst of a high sales busy period.  They certainly wouldn't allow for some false charges to get stuck with later.

This is not a PayPal or eBay, or Quicken problem.  This is a human nature problem.  We should stop lying and cheating one another so much that those of us who don't have to suffer for it.

Good luck with getting your cash.  It will work out.

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