Samsung Nx20 VS Sony Nex-5R

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Re: Samsung Nx20 VS Sony Nex-5R

PhantomPersona wrote:


Thanks for posting~! What are these operational quirks you speak of? I hear that the AF isn't so good and the buffer speed is insanely slow.. are there other "quirks" that put it below the Nex-5R?

Also what camera would be best to take the best candid photos? or semi-fast screnes.. For instance like my little brother running  in the grass..

regards AF: the AF speed is really fine when you attached the right lens. I do not think that you are faster with any Sony NEX.

If I should judge, the new NX300 with the touchAF&Release is really fine as well it is significantly faster when you do NOT prefocus but shoot straight away.

What I did use on some of the spider macros I posted here in my NX300 macro thread is the tracking AF as that is a real improvement (touch the object and let the NX300 follow it) so that this beasically seconds my vote for the NX300 as being the one I would compare to the NEX5r (where the NX300 wins by  on features and functions)

For candid shots I take my white NX1000 (just because no one takes you serious with that camera :-D). The most silent one is the NX20 when using the e-shutter (!)

I do own a Nikon V1 and one J2 and I use those for really silent  (means really no sound at all) so candid shots are working great in combination with the high speed full size burst mode. The Nikon does have a real advantage here when the light is good.

When light is fading away the NX300 is as quick as the V1 (or rather they are both slow) which basically tells you that on low light the NX AF is really working fine (where at least some NEX had some real issues in the past, not sure though if they had fixed that on recent FW versions)

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