D600 vs d7100

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Re: Additions to the list...

chlamchowder wrote:

Don't know how you're coming up with such high prices. Buy used...

If it wasn't obvious, I only considered lenses that can be bought new, that all had AF and where available I only considered the versions of lenses with AF-S and VR/OS. There are enough people who only buy new and once you allow for used lenses, you are really opening a can of worms because there is such a vast array of options with difficult to obtain prices and such big differences in quality and features. And we all know that old WA often do poorly on digital, so instead of getting into an unsolvable argument over which lens is better (or equivalent), just drawing a simple line and restricting oneself to only what is available as new is the cleanest way to deal with this issue.

Except for two prime comparisons, I always compared a lens with VR with a lens with VR and a lens with AF-S with a lens with AF-S.

And the same applies for bodies, once you allow for used equipment, you can really very fast start to compare apples with oranges. I mean what is the price difference between DX and FX bodies once you add all the used models? Any comparison will be flawed.

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