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Re: DPR samples ;)

Moto1d wrote:

All 3 from DPR studio test shots. i downloaded the jpegs and compared each file zoomed in at 150 and 200% the d800 beats all hands down but i dont see a big different between the 7100 and 600 to justify going to FX. Im thinking d800 if i make the move because for landscapes i can still manage how many images i take. Sports might be a different scenario with those huge files, crop factor ay come in handy there.

Since they are both 24 MP, you wouldn't see much difference when pixel peeking. The caveat being that the lens and focus accuracy on the D7100 has to be about 1.5x sharper than on the D600 if they are capturing equivalent detail. However, the D7100 is using a smaller area in the center, it is less challenging to get sharp corners.

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