Samsung Nx20 VS Sony Nex-5R

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Re: Samsung Nx20 VS Sony Nex-5R

PhantomPersona wrote:

Thanks for posting~! What are these operational quirks you speak of? I hear that the AF isn't so good and the buffer speed is insanely slow.. are there other "quirks" that put it below the Nex-5R?

Also what camera would be best to take the best candid photos? or semi-fast screnes.. For instance like my little brother running  in the grass..

Yes, one of his "good" posts... you don't want to see his bad ones!  ;-p  hahaha OK, joking aside, I liked that post too.  Let me chime in here...

I feel that the "insanely slow" is an incorrect characterization.  First, at the price that Sony accepts to sell you a camera for, I wouldn't expect an equivalent result or quality to Samsung.  It's a bit of an unfair comparison... you're comparing Samsung's best with one of Sony's cheapest.

Let me put some things into perspective.  I was looking at full frame cameras on here, checking out performance... and I ask the question: why is it OK to obtain 3fps on a $9,000 full frame camera, but it is not acceptable to get 4, 5, or 6fps on a $900 camera?  Where is the logic behind such complaints?

I've done scenes of my daughter learning to do an Ollie on her skateboard, and I can tell you, that I get action shots with the NX20 no problem at all.  Are some complaints from bad camera manipulation by the user?

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