Samsung Nx20 VS Sony Nex-5R

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Re: Samsung Nx20 VS Sony Nex-5R

PhantomPersona wrote:

Hi there, i aske this question in the open talk but i feel i may be able to get a better answer here.

I'm an beginner photographer upgrading from a olympus point and shoot. I want to be able to shoot beautiful pictures of my family and places i travel to. I have narrowed down the field to these 2 cameras because i can get them for both around the same price..

I heard alot of good things about the Nex and i even tried the demo at the local bestbuy. The AF was extremely quick and the photos looked great. I liked the form factor as it felt comfortable in my hands and has fast buffer and a great touch screen. iw as dead set on getting it till...

On the other hand, i see that the NX20, which got a great review on youtube videos and, has me contemplating a little bit. I haven't demoed it because the stores around me don't have it. I know the form factor is a little bit more bulky than the nex but still way smaller than a typical dslr. I also hear it has a excellent EVF which the nex-5r doesn't have and a bigger MP count....which i know doesn't always count to a better overall picture but...but i hear it has a very slow buffer and a worse AF than the Sony Nex..

So can anyone with experience using both or either chime in and give me a push in the right direction?

IMHO, the NX20 is a safer bet.  I chose it over Sony for the following reasons:

  1. very FAST performance (I fire off 8 jpegs a second to capture nice movement sequences of my daughter learning to skateboard)
  2. amazing images with vivid, crisp detail
  3. Lenses*
  4. articulated AMOLED screen (need I say more?)
  5. ergonomics: no comparison at all between the two - hold the Sony, then the Samsung, and you'll see what I'm talking about.
  6. and I can't say enough about the well-designed Fn quick menu.  (it also has a nice iFn button on some lenses, but I find myself using the Fn more)
  7. good balance of manual control buttons - not as good as on my Fuji X-S1 I have up for sale, but pretty darn good compared to most cameras that I've used, and better than the Sony for sure.

* some lenses are better than Sony's (you have to go Sony DSLR if you want decent lenses on Sony or spend over a thousand dollars for the nice Zeiss brand lens).  Not all Samsung lenses are better than the Sony lenses as some may have you think, for example, the 18-55 is pretty much equivalent.  But... the Samsung prime lenses are far superior.  The 30mm f/2 which I am using is unequaled in IQ and Bokeh in the mirrorless world right now.  And the very affordable 20-50mm zoom is very good also.  There's also a 50-200mm available if you need telephoto.

In my opinion, Samsung NX20 versus Sony Nex-7 would be a far more level playing field comparison, and even then, the Sony would be disadvantaged by it's lenses.

You can also search youtube, where Kai compares having a good lens with cheap body versus cheap lens with better camera.  the answer is better lens is more important.  with the samsung, you have a great value in both.

On a more personal note, I've been using an NX20 for a few months now, and I love it. I will be selling it because I want to get an NX300 that I can slip into my pocket (with the 30mm pancake), like a Fuji x100s, for street photography. I'm kind of on the fence on whether to keep it, but financial responsibility suggest I shouldn't be allowed to keep both toys. Contact me if you're interested.

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