14-24 vs 16-35

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Re: 14-24 vs 16-35

I have no experience with the 16-35mm but it does have a nice focal range. I can't tell you that the 14-24 is a better lens for you but here are my thoughts.

1) The 14-24 is optically one of the best zoom lenses out there (bar getting a cinema lens or something that cost $10,000's).

2) It is heavy but it is my go to lens if I don't know what to take. If I had the 24mm 1.4 or the 35mm 1.4 I might take on of those instead, but the 14-24 is my first choice of what I have.

3) The 14-24mm is faster. This is really important to me. I like running around a city at night shooting. The 16-35, for me, wouldn't cut it.

4) But, if the 16-35 were as fast and optically awesome as the 14-24, I would grab it in a hot second mainly because of the extra reach.

5) It has surprisingly low distortion. And by low, I mean less than I was expecting when I first bought it. But it isn't astonishing. The 16-35, as I understand it, is quite a bit distortion heavy on the wide end.

6) It is a wild lens to shoot with. Of the "Nikon Trinity," it is the most fun to shoot with.

My rule of thumb is 'take the right lens'... if it is heavy and bulky, so be it. But I can safely say that given its size, you are always aware of it; in a bag, in your hand or on your shoulder, it is heavy and big. This isn't a lens to take lightly. No pun intended. 

Some are also concerned about damaging the front element. I have found that given the price and the aforementioned size/weight, and because you can't forget it is there, you'll take extra special care of it. I also haven't really read or heard of any major mishaps except one years ago where someone dropped the lens and the hood, that is built in, fractured and a part broke off. I seem to recall that the lens otherwise was fine.

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