6D birds in flight

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Re: 6D birds in flight

lee_b wrote:

hey mike - you can setup the camera exactly as you choose and assign it to a custom setting (C1 or C2).

create all the settings as you prefer for shooting BIF: ISO, Tv (even select a speed), assign the shutter button to  set exposure and shoot (not focus), etc. then from Menu "wrench4" choose Custom Shooting Mode, Register settings, and select C1 or C2.

then turn the dial back to your normal shooting mode (Av, Tv, M, etc) and when you want to jump back to BIF settings just move the dial around to C1.

there is also and Auto update setting (two items below "Register Settings") that allows you to auto update the Cx mode.  you probably want to leave that as default disabled to avoid changing your custom setting unintentionally.

isn't the 300 lens a little small for you?   nice BIF shot.

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Lee (fellow TEC owner

Thanks again Lee I did this and it was straightforward once I started looking around.

I made C2 into family mode, one shot, AE and focus on the shutter, auto mode.

I made C1 into the birding mode, shutter button is AE only (well, and shutter), AI SERVO, and back button focus and Tv mode (which I hadn't considered before your post as the best BIF mode). This works nice.

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