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Europ is wide angle - and close up!

MrJamela wrote:

I'm going to Europe soon and I'm toying with the idea of bringing my NEX 6 and only one lens -- the Zeiss 24mm 1.8.

I also have the 50mm 1.8 and the kit lens available to me.

I'm expecting to be walking around a lot, and every extra ounce seems like it will add up quickly. And I love the pics I get with this lens. I feel like if I have both lenses I will constantly be thinking about what to use rather than just chilling out and taking pics.

Is this a terrible idea? Do I need that extra bit of range for museums, etc.? Should I be looking at options to go wider or um, zoomier?

And then on a similar note, has anyone tried the Black Rapid Metro ? I like the idea of just wearing my camera when we are walking about instead of constantly fidgeting with my bag. Am I asking for undo attention if I have my camera across my body like this when I am sightseeing in London and Paris?



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Jaime T. Matthew

I see you are from LAX? 9314km or slightly more than 6.000 miles ... so I would assume that you won't be doing this every other week?

Depending on where you want to go, I would think that a 36mm equivalent is useful (people traveling with the Fuji 100(s) are in the same boat I guess?) but a tad dull when you see ALL pictures taken at the same focal point. I guess that I think that I don't perceive the world like that, I look at the greater picture - and I look up close. The 16-50 not your cup of tea - or you never had that lens int he first place?

So in short: I wouldn't!

But can see the charm of traveling light with only one fantastic camera/lens combination. I have traveled the world (literally!) with a combination of a 24mm + 105mm for many years and found it more than adequate, but only one?? 35-ish-mm??

Last year I took 2 lenses to Europe, a 16-85mm Nikkor and the 60/2.8 Micro ... the 60 didn't get used much but the photos I took with that lens with stay with me forever ... so zoom a compromise, but not by much!

Will attach a couple of pictures I took last year and wonder whether 36mm would have ... no, that would have been different ...

The images taken at 24mm equivalent were taken when there was not a lot of space around, I guess that, looking through my files, I would think that a wider lens is more important than a tele lens ...

Galeries Laffayette, Paris 24mm equiv

Place du Tertre, Paris, 135mm equiv

Electrico 28, Lisbon, Portugal, 135mm equiv

Rossio, Lisbon, Portugal, 24mm equiv

I guess you can always go closer, but you can't often get more space than there is ...

Enjoy Europe, where will you be going?? Quite often it seems that native English speakers spend a lot of time in London (5 weeks...) and SOME time in Paris (2 days, 6 hours and 5 minutes...) ... maybe you have heard those rumors before but there is more to Europe than London??




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