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Re: Europe with One Lens

I'm replying back at the top level, since I'm addressing multiple points. There is some good advice in this thread.

As for prime/backup zoom. I've been doing exactly what some suggest here and walking around with the 16-50 in my pocket and the 24mm on the camera. I've yet to put the 16-50 on the camera though and am rethinking the approach. From what I've read about the RX100, I'm thinking it might just be better to have that in a pocket for the "memory photos" (glad you like the term, I was just struggling to differentiate between thoughtful photography and snapshots).

I often don't carry my camera at all, or just rely on my iPhone. I think the RX100 might also be good for those days.

Another consideration is your spouse/partner, if you are not traveling alone. My wife does a lot of snapshot with the Canon S90 while I'm focusing on doing street photography. That gets us a lot of those memory photos (cafes where we had a nice meal, sculpture we liked, etc.). The team approach often leads to a good collection from a trip.

One note on not be so conspicuous. I often wear a sports jacket in cities. We like to eat in nice places and visit small galleries, etc. and I swear you are generally treated better if you are dressed well. I like to wear a sling under the jacket and the camera settles under the front right flap of the jacket making it less conspicuous. It is easy to slide the camera up and take a shot when needed.


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