14-24 vs 16-35

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Re: 14-24 vs 16-35

razor123 wrote:

I'm about to buy one of the above Nikkor lenses. Both seem excellent. Most of my photography is travel so I like the reach of the 16-35 and the VR. 14-24 seems like it will be a bit bulky to lug around. On the other hand, the 14-24 seems to be superior optically with less distortion. So I have to weigh between portability and optical quality. The difference in cost is not a factor in my decision. Which would you choose?

I use 14-24, but no one can tell you what is the right choice for you. If for you 14-24 is too heavy and it ends up staying home, what good is it? As far as i know the 14-24 is the reason why there exist nikon to cannon adapters. Fourteen to 24 is so good that cannon shooters buy it to use in fully manual mode on their cannon bodies.

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