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Re: What's your goal?

Not replying to anybody in particular, but it does amuse me when people ask what camera/lens/whatever they should use for a continent, or even a country, especially without saying whether they want urban, rural or wilderness (yes, we do have some of that in Europe).

I'm an Englishman living in France and I've visited a fair number of other European countries. I've also visited parts of Canada, USA, New Zealand, Japan, Tunisia, India Thailand and China, so I've seen a reasonable slice of the world. Photographically speaking there is very little difference between (for example) Bangkok, Rome and Cardiff (to select three non-American cities at random) or Toronto, New York or Boston for that matter. Totally different cultures, architecture and suchlike, but all presenting the same challenges to a photographer.

I always carry the same sort of equipment on holiday, wherever I'm going. It's a small bag with a body plus three prime lenses. I would not voluntarily restrict myself to a single focal length, but I'd be happy enough with a couple of fast-ish primes. Something equivalent to 85mm and 28mm on FF, both at least f:2. If I had to have only one it would be the 28mm, preferably as an F:1.4.

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