K-01 and K5-II Contrast AF problems

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Re: K-01 and K5-II Contrast AF problems

philzucker wrote:

flektogon wrote:

This is really weird as from my experience each of my lenses focus perfectly when using the CDAF method. But using the PDAF is something else. For example, my DA 16-45 perfectly focuses (CDAF) at any focal length setting, but when using the (standard) PDAF, in the short focal distances it completely missfocuses. Always it tends to focus farther than it should.

Ah, well, different lenses, different problems, I guess. Did a quick check with my DA16-45@16mm on my K5-II and well yes, some (if very slight) backfocus with PD-AF, and accurate focus with CD-AF.

But PD-AF is adjustable - I just did a +3 AF fine adjustment for the DA16-45 and now it seems to focus very exact. CD-AF problems are less easy to fix unfortunately ...

Do you have lenses that are comparable to mine (3rd-party ones) who work flawlessly with CD-AF in the 200-250mm range? Would be interesting to know ...


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Unfortunately I do not have any 3-rd party lens, but my, the only “long focal length” lens, the Pentax A 70-210/4 perfectly focuses i.e. there is a perfect match between the actual and the AF detected focus distance. In my opinion the problematic are only wide angle lenses, when the phase detection somehow gives a false information to the AF system. All my lenses above around 30-35mm of the focal length seem to be working properly. But the CDAF works for all of them without any problem.

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