Test shots from my newest lens - Voigtlander 35 F1.4

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Test shots from my newest lens - Voigtlander 35 F1.4

Just picked up a used Voigtlander 35mm F1.4 in Leica M-mount from fellow Dpreview member Sean Lancaster - I've always just loved the retro look of the lens on the NEX, and also liked the look of the shots coming from it - I wanted something a little wider than my Konica 40mm F1.8 as an alternate walkaround lens, but something nice and small too.  I'll use it as a walkaround sometimes, stopped down for nice sharp results, but also nice knowing I can use it wide open when I need fast.  I find it sufficiently sharp wide open, with a nice dreamy bokeh and look that has character.  For now, the test shots were just a few snaps around the yard in the late afternoon to make sure nothing was damaged in shipping, but I figured I'd share them anyway in case anyone was looking for some snaps from this lens.  I've posted a few of the stopped down daytime shots at full res, just because most samples I found full size were more wide open (which is very useful) but it might be useful to see a few 'normal' daytime shots at smaller apertures too - the lens is very nicely sharp.  I also stuck to only JPGs straight from camera...I'm sure an extra ounce or two might be able to be eeked out if shooting RAW and post processing correctly and carefully.

A full res shot at a slightly stopped down aperture

Also a full res shot stopped down to bright sunny day levels

Another full res looking down the street from my front yard, stopped down

Down the side of my house, very bright sun, stopped down

Just a quick resized snap of my cat, wide open

Another resized shot just for fun - slightly stopped down

This blue jay landed on my wall so I wanted to see how fast I could move the focus ring

This one just for fun, because a neighbor happened to be driving by in a very expensive car - an SLS AMG Cabriolet

Anyway - I'll have much better samples from this lens as I go, but I just got it yesterday and was excited to just walk outside and take a few quick test snaps - and wanted to share the excitement of getting a new lens!

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