85mm 1.4: zeiss, nikon or sony alpha?

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Re: 85mm 1.4: zeiss, nikon or sony alpha?

S3ZAi wrote:

Thanks for your answers.

Today I was having a walk with my bike on my left hand and my camera in my right coat pocket. Every now and then I just stopped and while still holding my bike with my left hand, I shot something I saw with just my right hand. This was with the sel35 and thanks to af. With mf, I would need 2 hands and that would mean I have to put away the bike first.

Because I do this a lot, walking with my bike in my left hand, I have decided that even though I have no trouble with using mf, every now and then I really would want af. Under different situations, I could still go mf. But just for those occasions it would be nice to be able to choose.

The zeiss and nikon lenses are only mf, so I have decided to skip those for now. But I have also decided that the sony zeiss lens, which does have af, is waaay to expensive. Together with the la-ea2, I would get close to or over 2000 bucks. Sadly sony doesn't have a non-zeiss 85mm lens I believe.

So I have looked into other lenses with af, this one especially caught my attention:


It has af and is close to 85mm, it's not 1.8, but perhaps that's even better if it's smaller because of that. It doesn't have to be this specific item, but any minolta af lens with alpha mount would do I guess. IF combinable with the la-ea2.

So now my question is: does anyone have this combo, any minolta af with the la-ea2, if so, does af work in combination with the adapter and nex7?

I think with some luck, I could get this combo for around 600 bucks or perhaps less. Also, are these lenses combinable with a speedbooster type of adapter?

A bit more expensive, after some saving, and I could even consider this type, exactly what I want:


Yes, properly named, this is the Minolta Maxxum AF 85mm 1.4 and here's another example:


The mount for the MAXUUM line continues to-day as the A-mount and you need the la-ea2 adapter in order to get AF.

This is a great way for you to get an auto. lens for your NEX body if you don't mind spending a few hundred dollars.

The other way is to get a manual 85mm lens and save some money. The Minolta MD and MC models are excellent.

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