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Re: 2.9GHz dual i7 vs. 2.3GHz & 2.7GHz quad i7 with Aperture

Thanks for your replies although I'm still a little unsure of what I should get. I live in taiwan and have been to a few of the mac stores and had a play with a few of the computers and noted the prices of each.

The retinas had very impressive displays and easily noticed the difference to the non retinas. They were also very noticeably faster when opening programmes which I guess is down to the ssd. However, I've been reading about some performance issues with the 13" model because of the lack of a dedicated graphics card on a computer with such a high res display. The 15" retina looks great but 256gb is a little on the small side (especially for the price). I could use an external but I'd prefer not to.

At the moment I'm pretty sure I'm going to go for a non retina. This way I can upgrade with cheaper parts. I can get a deal where I get a crucial M4 512gb ssd and a kingston 16gb RAM (I realise 16gb is probably overkill for my needs but the difference between the 8gb is only about £15) for 13,000 twd (£283). I'm set on the ssd because I've seen what a big difference it makes to the speed of the computer. I can also put the original HDD in the optical drive later down the line If I'm running out of storage.

Here are the prices of the options I've narrowed it down to. All including the ssd and ram upgrade.

1. 13" i5 2.5 ghz - 50,900NT (£1108)

2. 13" i7 2.9 ghz - 60,900NT (£1326)

3. 15" i7 2.3 ghz - 70,900NT (£1544)

Number 1 is obviously most affordable and it comes at a price that is almost exactly what my tax rebate is. From what I've read the i5 is still a pretty quick processor even though it's only a dual core. I'm kind of leaning towards this one mainly because of price.

Number 2 has a faster dual core processor but because I'm not going to be using the extra storage space and RAM that this package offers an extra £218 seems a bit excessive for a little extra clock speed.

Number 3 has a quad core processor which I've read is a big improvement plus a 512gb dedicated graphics card and a 15" screen. On the downside it's 40 - 50% more expensive than number 1.

I can afford to buy all of these models but I'm not rich so I don't want to spend more unless it really will make a big difference to how the computer will perform. As I said before my primary use of this computer will be LR4 with a little use in CS6. I will also use it for music, internet some word processing etc. Another thing is I don't import thousands of photos every week, maybe 50-100 a week. Which would you get? Thanks.

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