Samsung Nx20 VS Sony Nex-5R

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Re: Samsung Nx20 VS Sony Nex-5R

PhantomPersona wrote:

tjobbe wrote:

those two might have a similar price tag but are different cameras when you look at some details

To as well say it that way: both will get you great image quality whereas I rate the NX20 better below ISO800 and the Sony better above ISO2500+ so depending on you shooting habbit you might preselect them based on that

The other main difference is that the OOC JPEGs from the NEX are better while on the NX20 you need to shoot RAW to take full advantage of the Sensors capabilities.

Regards handling  the NEX5 is smaller while I personally find it way to small to hold it comfortably but that is my taste... you might be able to use the NEX5r properly.

The NX20 has two main advantages over the NEX5 which is the EVF (which is why the proper comparision would be with the NEX6, which has a higher price tag) and the swivel screen (although the tilting one on the NEX is as well pretty useful) but even if they have the same resolution the NX20 has 3" on 4:3 while the NEX runs on 3" on 16:9 so the usable size for normal 4:3 images on any of the NEX is ... let me mildly say it... SMALL.

Compared with the 3,3" on the NX300 the NEX LCD/OLED is toyish......which BTW would be the  Samsung NX camera to compare here and I guess here I would not hesitate to recommend to you as the NX20 has some operational quirks (which you can live with but the NX300 is the more agile one)

When it comes to lens selection I believe Sony now has a reasonable selection but I personally still question the way Sony approaches that. They rely heavily on SW corrections, while most any Samsung lens (beside the NX 16mm pancake) is usable without SW corrections (at least when it comes to CA)

Thanks for posting~! What are these operational quirks you speak of? I hear that the AF isn't so good and the buffer speed is insanely slow.. are there other "quirks" that put it below the Nex-5R?

I think AF speed is significantly better on NX, more flexible.  See my novel I wrote

Also what camera would be best to take the best candid photos? or semi-fast screnes.. For instance like my little brother running  in the grass..

This is tough, this takes practice more than camera gear.  I would say NX is better at this, but technique is still very important.  What I do is set the focus to AF-S and get a focus point where you want it.  Depress the shutter all the way and when the subject is in focus the camera will snap the shot almost instantly after it is focused so the first shot should be in focus.  The touch focus can be handy here to change focus points, which the 5R and NX300 offer.


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