K-01 and K5-II Contrast AF problems

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brandrx wrote:

brandrx wrote:

Hi Phil,

Unfortunately some lenses just don't work worth a damn using CDAF. For instance: My Sigma 50-500mm APO HSM OS at 500mm trying to focus on a subject that is greater than 150 feet will indicate focus lock if I am coming from a setting that is less than 150 feet on the lens to start with but the resultant image is very OOF. If I start my focusing with the lens set to infinity then it will lock focus on the subject that is greater than 150 feet and it will be sharp.

From what little information I have been able to gather so far, it seems the problem is more common with Tamron and Sigma lenses than with Pentax lenses.

BTW: Pentax has made some firmware updates for the K-5 II (Ver 1.02) and K-01 (Ver 1.02) that "Optimized contrast AF when using [HD PENTAX-DA 560mmF5.6ED AW] lens". I have no idea if these firmware updates helped with CDAF of other lenses or not. I do know that I have updated my K-01 firmware to Ver 1.03 and I still have the same problem with my Sigma 50-500mm APO HSM OS lens.

Thanks for the additional info, Ron.

But both bodies hat the latest firmware installed.

The K-01 shipped with 1.00, BTW. Must have had a long stay on that shelf it came from ...


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